Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Say no to gooey nail polish!

Hello lovelies!

We've all gone months without wearing a certain nail polish and over time it can become all gooey and yucky!

Then we reach into our nail polish bag or cupboard or whatever you put your nail polish into and to our horror the nail polish you once knew is no longer! Oh no... what anyone would do in this situation is gently part with it.

Say no more!

I completely understand what you're going through. Saying goodbye as one tear streams down your face. The pain of having to let go.


I have a solution for you! And it has been right under your nose that whole time! (not literally) 

If your favourite nail polish gets all gooey, get it fixed by adding a few drops of nail polish remover into the bottle and shake well. I can guarantee you that the nail polish will go back to the way it was!

It will save you time and MONEY! 

Have you ever tried this little trick? 
Did it work? Let me know in the comment section!

Lots of love, Karine xx


  1. Nice color!!


  2. I have heard about this but haven't actually tried it. Did it affect the color payoff at all?

    1. No, it didn't at all! It just returned it to the way it was when I first bought it! :) xx

  3. Thank you for the tip :) I really love the colour :)
    Diana x

  4. I saw this title and had to laugh because I thought to myself 'Say no to ALL nail polish', because I just can't stand the smell! That's why I never get them done, even though they look so nice. The nail polish in the picture is such a pretty shade.
    I have never heard this trick before but it makes perfect sense. Great post!

    1. Hahaha! That's understandable! Yeah the smell came be really overwhelming sometimes depending on the brand. However I am a big fan of nail polishes and pretty coloured nails so I have to try and ignore the horrible smell :p Thank you! :) xx

  5. I have tried this before and it definitely works! Great way to save your nail polish!!

    1. Yes it really is! It saved me having to buy a new one of the same colour which is awesome so now I can buy a different one as well as keep this! :)

  6. Replies
    1. You're welcome! Thank you for stopping by! :) xx


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