Friday, 31 January 2014

2014 Memory Jar!

Hey lovelies!

So from last year, I have been keeping a memory jar were all year I would collect and/or write down all the amazing things that happened during the year and place them in my memory jar.

The whole point of keeping them is so that at the end of the year you can open and think back on how many great times you had during the year!

Even though my memory jar sits on my table where I see it EVERYDAY, I had completely forgotten to open it up at the end of last year so I did so today!!!

I went through all of the amazing things that had happened last year and that's when it hit me that... i have a really boring life....

SOOOO... I'm making it a MUST this year to do different things, try new things and say yes to all the opportunities that come up! I will try to step out of my comfort zone to achieve many great things!

This year I dazzled it up a bit and decorated my once so plain jar.
I will be honest when I say that it definitely turned out a lot worse than what I had beautifully planned in my head... could it be my horrible art skills or the fact that I rushed and did it under 10 minutes?

I don't know... it could be both...

Well if you would like to create such a beautiful piece of art, then make sure to check out my YouTube video on how to!

YouTube channel:

Lots of love, Karine xx

Monday, 27 January 2014

Top 5 Outfits of 2013

Hey lovelies!

I was going through my wardrobe and reminiscing of all the good times I had in 2013. Then it hit me.... Why not show you all my favourite outfits of 2013? OMG

Numero 5. It's my formal dress!! So I fell in love with this dress and it's beautiful colour. I also decided to change it up a bit and add a few personal touches to it (the flower and the belt). The front looks like the back so I thought I'd show you the back...
Numero 4. This is a cute little summer outfit which I really love. It is simple and nice.

Numero 3. My New year dress which I absolutely love. It's SPARKLYYYYY.

Numero 2. This is a last minute outfit that I quickly whipped up the morning before the party. I went around looking for something to wear and found this. I really love it. 

Numero 1: MY fave of the faves. I love love love this play suit. It's fun, colourful, light and perfect for summer!
 So that's it guys! These were my top 5 outfits of 2013. I will try to take more pictures of my outfits instead of always being the one behind the camera!

Let me know what you think of them!

Lots of Love, Karine xx

Australia Day Deserts Ideas!

Hello Lovelies!

Yeah it works :p

This is way too late at night for me to be writing a post..............
But I'm going to continue anyway :D

So well it's the 26th of JANUARY and that means one thing for us all in Australia... A proud day on which we take pride in our citizenship and our rights to be in this beautiful country... lol idk I'm just making things up... but I'm sure, someone, somewhere gets what I'm on about. So as we get ready for a day full of barbecues (or barbie as we call it), the flag colours (red, blue and white) and of course a whole lot of beer, I thought I'd list a few Australia Day themed desserts that you could try at home...


All you Americans and those who have the same colours on their flags (I'm looking at you French peoples of France) YOU CAN USE IT TOO!!!! Since these are the colours of the almighty same colours of Flags we have... seriously what are you on about Karine? -.-

So while we are busy ''putting a shrimp on the barbie" ....literally...

I hope you guys, wherever you are in the world, are having a lovely day with the people you love.

Anyways that's all from me today!
What did you get up to on Australia Day? I would love to hear of any themed desserts and/or food you may have created at home! So let me know in the comment section BELOWWWWW!

Lots of love, Karine xx

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Mini E.L.F Haul

Hello lovelies!

So I was online browsing through make ups and beauty products reviews when I came across the E.L.F website. I thought hmm why not?

I am not a huge make up fan or anything close to a beauty guru but I thought I'd just share with you some of the things I picked out for myself!







 So that's it guys! I'm yet to try them!
Please let me know your thoughts and experiences using these products! Would love to hear from you!

Lots of Love, Karine xx

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Benefits of drinking tea

Hello lovelies!

So anyone who knows me personally will know that I am a tea addict... not literally! But I consume an average of 6 cups of tea per day. Some call that a lot, I call it just enough :p

So my cousin was trying to convince me that drinking tea isn't good for you so I argued back while pulling out my phone and aggressively googling comebacks so that I would be left alone. Sadly I never win arguments so I lost but I did learn a few facts about tea! SO I win! HA! I won right...?

  1. Tea tastes amazing
  2. Tea is versatile - drink it hot or cold and there are over 1000 types of tea...
  3. Drinking green tea helps fight diseases
  4. Tea relaxes you 
  5. Tea helps you lose weight- it increases your metabolism 
  6. It's something warm to hold in winter
  7. Tea contains antioxidants
  8. Tea keeps you hydrated
  9. You can drink tea in pretty cups
  10. It helps keep your teeth strong - it's a natural source of fluoride protecting teeth from decay
  11. Tea is easy to make
  12. It's perfect to drink anytime during the day!

Okay I have to mention that most of the benefits I just listed are actually pros of drinking a certain type of tea. While tea in general is good for you, there are about 6 healthy types of tea
They are:
  • Black tea
  • White tea
  • Green tea
  • Oolong tea
  • Flavoured tea
  • Herbal tea

I mostly drink black tea with milk and sugar and have the occasional green, flavoured and herbal tea :p

I love tea so much. I honestly don't think I could go a day without a cup!!

Do you love tea? Which one is your favourite type of tea?

So... I think it's time to go make myself a cup of tea :p
Lots I love, Karine xx

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Hey lovelies!!

So last week, my lovely best friend Hilal did my makeup. I loved it so much that I thought I'd share it with you!

I love make up but I usually don't use eye shadow because I'm not very good at applying makeup on myself (or on others)... I'm pretty useless tbh!

Hilal, however is a beauty queen! She is absolutely amazing! (Link below)

So to achieve the result you see above she used:

E.L.F. Studio baked blush

NP Set Day to Night make up palette

E.L.F. studio baked eyeshadow palette
Mac Fluidline eyeliner gel

I personally have never used these products before but I absolutely love them and would definitely recommend them!

If you're a makeup lover and/or love to read tutorials on how to, click here 
And THIS is the link to Hilal's blog

Please feel free to share your experience using these products!

Lots of love, Karine xx

Media vs us

Hey lovelies!

People are fascinating. Not the average people you know around you but those that you don't get to know. Those mysterious looking people who don't really stand out from the crowd yet they turn out to be one of the most unusual people you would ever meet.

I love to just sit back and watch from afar. Some people may find this quite weird but observing is just part of the human curiosity and to be honest, we all do it whether you admit it or not. Most of us decide to have an input on the matter and decide to join in but as opinionated as I am, I often find myself just sitting back and observing how people interact with each other.

My curiosity has often lead me to observe strange situations where you get to see the better or worse of people. Each individual is so different, isn't it amazing how we all react differently to conflicts and situations we found ourselves in? When observing, we often get emotionally involved when we see another individual's actions but it is important to look past that judgmental human nature to be able to understand why someone reacts in that way.

Our first thought when an individual says something negative is to think negatively about them. But why did they do it? We are all different and we need to accept the feeling they felt in this situation. Does this make them a bad person or are they just having it tough?

Observing this lady who stopped us at a intersection, I couldn't help but get confused when she was going off about how people have left her when she most needed them. She would go on about how she knows how sh** they were and then went on to explain her situation. After offering our help which she refused, she had a despair and annoyed look on her face. As we were driving away, she moved on to the next car complaining about the exact same thing. To be honest, this confused me so much but I just sat there and watched as she would angrily move on to the next car behind us. She often ridiculed the idea of royalty explaining that you aren't important and people don't care unless you're a queen. This comparison to crowned heads outlined the influence the media has on our lives.

If you are in the media, for example a member of a royal family or a celebrity, people tend to rush and sometimes overreact and over-exaggerate situations yet when a lady needed help, no one was there to lend her a helping hand.

I was astonished by this comparison she made and it definitely made me think twice!
This lady who was just frustrated, pacing back and forth on the road and blocking numerous cars from exiting no longer looked crazy and scary. Instead I understood why she was so mad and in a way, she was just trying to make a point.

And I think we all got it that day!

Have you ever come across someone interesting or found yourself in a strange situation? Have you observed different people react to situations?

Lots of love, Karine xx

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Shiny nails!

Hello Lovelies!

Who doesn't love shiny nails that make you look 100% more fabulous than you already feel?
So if you have read some of my past posts you would've seen that i'm quite a nail polish lover and I always try to find new designs and colours to try!

I have ugly fingers sorry

However, because I have started working at a Fish & Chips shop (- I know right, real classy!) I haven't been able to do my nails as much as I would normally do! :(

And when I had the chance to do my nails, I jumped at the opportunity to and quickly headed to my mum's make up cabinet!

And found an old nail polish that I had never tried so I thought "why not?"

To get the result which is shown in the first picture, I used fake nails so that they may be longer and easier to shape.
The nails can be bought at most retail shops.

After measuring the nails and gluing them on, I proceeded to apply a first layer of the ultra 3 nail colour and once dry another layer was applied before adding a clear top coat to lock in all that shininess!

I was really surprised at how good it turned out, it looked more silver than what it looks like in the bottle and I loved this new nail polish so much that I adopted it as one of my own (hehe sorry mum)

Are you a nail polish lover like me? Are there any that you love? If so, please let me know and/or link me to your post! I would love to read about it!

Lots of Love, Karine xx

Friday, 17 January 2014

Rainbow Jelly!

Hello lovelies!

Are you having people over for lunch or dinner and don't know what to have for dessert? Why not make rainbow jelly? It is easy and people of all ages will enjoy it!

So if you're wondering how I created such a wonderful looking dessert, well it's very simple!

  1. Cook yourself some jelly just like you normally would and equally divide it into individual containers such as cups, bowls or any fancy glasses you make own. Make sure that you're able to see the jelly through the glass because it defeats the purpose of having cool rainbow jelly in an opaque container.
  2. Once the first layer of jelly has set in the fridge, cook another layer and equally divide them once again into the individual containers.
  3. Do the same for the rest of the other colours until you have filled the containers to your desired level.

If you're feeling adventurous, you could always add a few pieces of fruit in the jelly (matching the flavour of each) before it sets to make it a bit more interesting!

Leave the desserts in the fridge until it is to be served.

Also feel free to decorate it with whipped cream and ice cream and have fun making it your own little creation!!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have tried this before and if you will try it in the future! I would love to read and hear from you guys!

Let the flavours explode!

Lots of Love, Karine xx

Stay cool and hydrated!

Hello lovelies!

For those living in Australia, unless you have been living in your fridge for the past few days, you would know about this horrible heat wave happening at the moment!

Australia is literally over heating and I have been lying on the floor for the past 4 hours as it is the coolest place that doesn't stick to me (I'm talking about you sofa!)

I found this image on the Australian Bureau of Meteorology website and I thought that I'd just show you just how hot it really is here.....

Extremely hot weather can affect different people in numerous ways, some more than others. So during this hot weather please

  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water!
  • Light clothes: Wear light and loose clothing as they will help let your body breathe!
  • Check and take care of others: Older people and young children may be affected by the heat so make sure they stay cool and hydrated.
  • Stay away from the sun!:This is pretty self explanatory- right? The sun is hot. and if there is a heat wave, stay cool by staying away from the sun!
  • Pets: They are affected by the heat, just like us so please check on them and make sure they get plenty of water and stay cool!
  • Seek medical help: If unsure of anything, it would be a good idea to check with a professional and look out for heat related illnesses.

Stay safe guys! We wouldn't want you to melt, now would we?

Lots of Love, Karine xx

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Be confident!

Hello chickens!

Self confidence and self belief is a very delicate topic specially amongst young people. We often compare ourselves with others and believe we aren't as good as them.

But I found a song that is oh so perfect! It is by Victoria Justice and promotes self confidence and the fact that many people these days are too busy caring about what others think of them than actually do something that they love to do! It's a very catchy song and has a great message!

"Uh, lately everybody's so self-conscious,
People talk about each other so heartless,
But I don't want to hear those conversations,
I just want to feel the good vibrations"

To watch the music video of Victoria performing ''shake'' click the link below:
She really is an inspiration and I absolutely love her new song. I hope this song does inspire you to get out there and be a bit more confident with who you are.

Always remember, You're beautiful and I believe in you <3
Lots of love, Karine xx

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

New year means a fresh start!

Yello lovelies!

Yes, yes, we have all heard of the 'new year, new me' saying but is the new year really the beginning of a new you? Whether it is or not, I believe that the new year shouldn't be about being a new you, instead it should mean the start of a better you. Someone who has taken in all their experiences from the past years and turned them into lessons in order to become a better version of yourself.

So to me, the new year means a fresh start. A chance to begin the year knowing that whatever happened last year does not matter anymore and it's all about what you decide to do from now on.

With a new beginning, comes new goals we hope to achieve this year!

In 2014 I hope to:
  • Blog better. As much as I wanted to, last year, I didn't really have time to blog. There was school, homework, SACs, exams and well VCE life kept me busy! So now that I have graduated high school, I believe that I will have more time to spend blogging and doing things I love!
  • Be more Confident. Let's just say my self confidence has never been too great, but this year I am determined to change that! Being happy and confident with who you are is so very important.
  • Explore. I hope to go out and see more of the world. Whether it is visiting places in my state or travelling to different countries, nothing is going to stop me from going places!

Well that's all I came up with for this year! Have you made new year resolutions? Are they like mine?

Lots of love, Karine xx