Monday, 10 March 2014

Confidence is key!

Hey lovelies!

So lately I've found myself feeling a bit different than before. I have found this new bound confidence in me, I never knew I had. I feel great, a bit like a different person to be honest.

So growing up, I was never confident in myself, I doubted everything that I did and everything that I said. I was never satisfied with who I was and always compared myself with everyone around me.
All the other girls were so perfect and I was nowhere close. They all had perfect hair, great smiles, nice bodies and so much more that I didn't. Now yes, I know that a lot of my friends often would say nice things to me about my hair or my clear skin or whatever but the lack of confidence within myself made it really hard to accept compliments.

Accepting compliments is so much harder than people think. When you have low self esteem and lack confidence in yourself, all that you see are flaws and when someone did compliment me, I often felt as if they were lying to me or just being nice. It is so twisted and now that I think about it, I wasn't as bad as I thought I was.

So working my way up to where I am now, I feel so good about myself. I can honestly say that I have never felt like this before and it is such a great feeling! I am not the most confident person out. I still have my insecurities but I just don't really let those take over my life.

I have learnt that you have to accept who you are and love yourself. If you don't, then do something about it. Whether it is eat healthier, exercise or whatever else you need to do for yourself. Do it.
Just do it. After all your efforts, it will definitely change your perspective on yourself and on life.

I was always the short skinny girl and was often referred to as the "anorexic girl with glasses". It made a massive dent into my self confidence and self esteem. I hated my body and everything about it. It hurt to know people would talk about what I looked like and make fun of it. It was intimidating when other people would come up to me and feel like it was all right to comment on how "boney" or "skinny" I was.

Just like in my stop bullying post, I talked about how it is not acceptable to comment on anyone's appearance. I cannot stress this enough. It causes both emotional and physical pain where someone's entire world can change just by hearing a few words. Yes, a lot of people joke around about it but you do not know just how deep these words cut until you've experienced it yourself. It tears us apart inside yet not many of us will ever admit that.

So I just wanted to share this victory, as I like to call it, with you. It is one of my biggest achievement ever. So just be you. There's only one of you and you are the best at it.

Now with all that being said, I want to share with you a song that always gets me in a great move and makes me want to dance. It's Shake by Victoria Justice! I want you guys to listen to the words carefully and take in all that Victoria says! :)

I hope this post made you think a little bit about how great you really are. Even though some of you may not think so, I think that you are all beautiful in your own way. Stuff society's idea of beauty! It is all about every single one of you beautiful people!
Let me know in the comment section below if you like the song and my post!

Lots of love, Karine xx


  1. This was a really nice post. I still have problems feeling confident with myself. Ashamed to say it, but I'd rather put my head under my pillow than face the fact that I may possibly have confidence issues. I'd better work on some way to empower myself. Thank you for sharing!

  2. For Vanity's Sake11 March 2014 at 05:00

    Very inspiring post. One thing we all have to realize is that it's okay to be insecure at times. What matters most is how we deal with them. Like you said, not letting the insecurities run your life is very liberating.

    Great job. :D

  3. I think it's great that you posted this! Confidence in yourself is so important. I think sometimes people say hurtful things on accident. In high school I was pretty insecure too. Looking back I was a great weight and size, but at the time I felt like I was over weight, not skinny enough, etc. I would have loved it if someone came up to me and said I was too skinny, so I made comments on how skinny my friends were thinking it was a good thing. I never even stopped to consider that they might find it hurtful until I was in college. Hopefully as people mature, they think through what they are saying more!

  4. What a fab post. I'm very happy to read about your new found confidence! A victory, indeed!

    Corinne x

  5. Thank you! Yeah that's true! Exactly! You gotta try and step out of your comfort zone once in a while :) xx

  6. Thanks! Yeah! You just have to work on being comfortable and confident with who you are! It'll take time, but it's a great feeling! :) xx

  7. Good to hear that you are having such a great confidence lately!! That is so important and definitely helps make the days easier!

  8. Thank you! That's so sweet! :) xx

  9. That's great that you're doing great, I like your inspiring blog :)


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