Saturday, 29 March 2014

Birthday weekend

Hey lovelies,

So today I'm back with a very random post. I don't really have a topic for it but I just thought I'd come on here and share with you my excitement.

This is my last day as an 18 year old because as soon as the clock reaches 12:01 on the 30th of March, I will officially be 19.

This is so exciting for me. I honestly think that the year has gone by so quickly! It's crazy! I still remember the day of my 18th birthday like it was just yesterday!

The first picture I took as an 18 year old
Oh I can't hold my excitement in! I'm off to a club tonight to celebrate my 19th with a bunch of friends. I think it'd be a fun night out in the city - hopefully the weather doesn't hate me.

Anyways so I hope you are all having a lovely weekend wherever you are in the world doing whatever you decide to do!

I will definitely be back most likely on Monday since I won't be blogging on my birthday - too many things to enjoy tomorrow!! :p

I will be sure to keep you updated on any exciting moments that are bound to happen!

A massive shoutout to ChapLyns of
She is so lovely and has featured me in one of her YouTube videos you can check that out HERE! Thank you so much!
Do subscribe to her guys, she is amazing and so beautiful!

I would also like to give a massive thank you to every single one of my readers and followers, you are all amazing and I cannot thank you enough for all your support!

Lots of Love, Karine xx


  1. Happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely day/evening. Enjoy your last year as a teen!

  2. Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day! Wishing you the very best year to come!


  3. Thank you! aw you're too sweet! :) x

  4. Thank you! Yes I had an awesome day! :) x

  5. I know it's a bit late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D


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