Monday, 1 May 2017

Musical Chicken

Music has always been a big part of my life. If any of you have gone on my Instagram or Twitter, you would have noticed that my Username is actually "Musical Chicken". Now the question I get asked quite often is how did I come up with that and why did I chose this? To be honest with you, I was either eating chicken while listening to music or thinking of getting chickens while listening to music and came up with it. 

Anyway, I usually let people's imagination run wild when they ask what a musical chicken is so when I come across artists, I often ask them to draw what they think a musical chicken is. I was very impressed and quite speechless when I got given this picture.


This artist put so much time and effort into this! I am so thankful that he has done this for me and I appreciate his kindness so much! 

But as you can tell, I am a massive music lover. It runs in the family with my grandpa being a singer and piano player and my brother a self taught guitar player and singer. I feel like it helps bring people together and there are so many talented individual out there. 

I've grown up playing piano and even though I may not play anymore, I still find myself browsing the internet looking at either instruments or other accessories that could help me with the sound quality of my videos and other ideas I may have for future videos. I've always wondered what kind of PA system YouTubers use to make song covers and so I went on the hunt to find a cool mixer. Anyone who knows me would know that I learn by trying things out rather than doing courses or getting graded. That's how I learnt to use html for my blog.

I would love to have a play with a mixer one day and see what I can come up with but for now I am left browsing the net for ideas. I came across pa system and realised that getting the product I was looking at doesn't necessarily have to cost a fortune! The Gear One PA2400Kustom KPC12 PA Package was what really got my attention! So many great quality products for such a great price! 

Ah just going through their range of products is making so happy and has left me feeling like a little kid in a candy store! I'm going to keep browsing like I have been for the past half hour! 

Happy browsing! You'll thank me later :P 

Lots of love,

Karine xx

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