Sunday, 30 April 2017

A blog that matters

This blog was created over four years ago. I remember when I first started. I had big dreams of one day turning this into my most worked on project ever. I seriously cannot believe how quick those four years have gone. It's taken me forever to even get the courage to post what I actually thought and trust me that spilling your heart out in a post is a lot scarier than people think, I was taking big breaks in between my posts and ended up posting a very low 3 posts a year at one point. I took up YouTube and ended up spreading all my creativity towards that platform instead.

However I kept on getting burst of inspiration from time to time which always lead me back to my blog as words on a page often translated better to the people I was aiming to reach. No matter how many months went by, I still wanted to continue this as I have worked so hard on starting this page and it's something I'm very interested in continuing.

Thinking out loud, I figured that it isn't the amount of posts or followers you have. It isn't about how fancy your blog looks or how professional you sound. It is about creating a blog that matters. One that can inspire people whether it be to help create, to educate, to entertain or to encourage them to positively live their lives to the fullest.

Now to make my blog matter more. I just hope to one day reach people with similar views and ones who could relate to the situations I share or even be able to help them in similar situations. This will be tricky but I take on the challenge.

Today is a new day.

I've taken all those years on board and have realized that I can be my own inspiration. That my work does matter even though it may not for others. I do what makes me happy and wake up each day knowing that this is something I love to do.

If you're on the same path as me, perfect! Let's work along side each other and I promise to always be an encouraging friend.
If you're not, then that's okay. Just don't stand in my way because I don't have time for your negativity.

I could end this post with something like "support each other" or "be kind to everyone you meet" but that's a given, It's not a strange concept and isn't something you haven't already heard.

So just keep on being you and let positivity guide you through life.

Lot of love,

Karine xx

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