Sunday, 28 May 2017

Barkly barks dog festival 2017 - May 28

One of the best festivals I've ever been to! - Even though I've only ever been to one other festival which happens to have been a music one - I doubt any would beat this one! That'd be pretty hard...

So yes, I've spotted the flyer on facebook and instantly wanted to go! After weeks of preparation - and by preparation I mean trying to find someone who is available to come with me - Akira and I made our way to Brunswick for some canine love!

This festival took place at Barkly Square Shopping Centre from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Having never been to this part of town, it was a struggle to not only find the actual centre as Melbourne roads are super confusing but also the actual entrance of the dog friendly part of the shopping centre.

My day had been fully planned out and super tight on time with three major stops to make so the 40 minute drive to Brunswick took a lot of that time away. I'm pretty sure Akira got a fright just by walking down the car park - it was THAT BUSY!

I think the experience was quite overwhelming for Akira with so many dogs in one location as you can tell (spot the tail tucked in).

There were so many activities such as Awkward family portrait, Doggie match-making, pug race, live music, pop up stalls, competitions, training guides and more. 

I really wanted to take an awkward family photo but the line was huge and I had to skip it as we needed to use our time wisely. 

Even though we didn't get to stay too long (which I think Akira really appreciated since the poor thing felt so uncomfortable being surrounded by that many dogs), I had the best time patting dogs and getting to play with them.

 Of course I thought I'd include a few photos of the dogs that stood out a lot for me! Such a friendly and loving environment! I am so looking forward to the next event!

Hope your Sunday was as amazing and full of love like mine was!

Have an amazing week guys!

Lots of love,
Karine xx

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