Saturday, 13 May 2017

Sick week - My favourites

Being sick has seriously left me in such a funk. I have had no interest in anything other than sleep for the past week and it has been such a long one as well! I felt like it was a never ending cycle of viruses... honestly I'm over it!

There are a few things I've been enjoying these past week though so I thought that I'd share them with you!

1. Green Tea

I've been asking for it wherever I go including at restaurants while I'm having a meal! I thought I'd change my usual soft drink order for this bad boy! It adds a little flavour to the water, has no sugar, hydrates you and keeps you warm! What more could I ask for?

2. My Keep Cup

I use this cup everyday and everywhere I go! I usually make myself a cup of coffee in the morning before going to work and refill it throughout the day with any kind of beverage I come across! Its double layer glass is perfect for both cold and hot drinks! Thought I'd sneak in a picture of my breakfast as well in there because I've really been loving this in the morning!

I usually scramble two eggs with a handful of baby spinach and sometimes cut up some avocado depending on whether we have any at home - the one in the picture wasn't ripe enough and to be honest tasted quite terrible!

3. Snapchat filters

Being bored in bed or even feeling like your body doesn't want to do any work while you are at work makes you not want to look in the mirror as you often look as bad as you feel. Thankfully there's Snapchat filters that help create that fake glow us sick people are missing at the moment! I honestly can spend hours on that app! It's so entertaining and actually makes my scary sick face look kinda cute!

4. Music
Now we all know that music is the universal symbol of love and no matter what language you speak, music breaks the barrier and reaches out to everyone. So naturally my boredom and lack of ideas of what to do which wouldn't require me moving lead me to dream about leaning to play an instrument again... hmm maybe guitar this time? I do have small fingers... I think I can still make it work though! 

At the same time I thought this would be so cool for a travelling musician - hey maybe that'll be me in a few years! Find out I have some kind of unknown musical talent then once mastered, I take on the road with my trustee guitar and amp! Nah but in all honesty, if there's any musician who do this already, hats off to you and I'd totally recommend the Roland Cube at guitarcenter,com

So this is my week's favourite things. I think I need to go to bed now even though it's only 6pm on a Saturday night! I am so wrecked and feel sick as! 

Hope your week has been a fantastic one! 
Have a lovely weekend :)

Lots of love, 

Karine xx

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