Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Media vs us

Hey lovelies!

People are fascinating. Not the average people you know around you but those that you don't get to know. Those mysterious looking people who don't really stand out from the crowd yet they turn out to be one of the most unusual people you would ever meet.

I love to just sit back and watch from afar. Some people may find this quite weird but observing is just part of the human curiosity and to be honest, we all do it whether you admit it or not. Most of us decide to have an input on the matter and decide to join in but as opinionated as I am, I often find myself just sitting back and observing how people interact with each other.

My curiosity has often lead me to observe strange situations where you get to see the better or worse of people. Each individual is so different, isn't it amazing how we all react differently to conflicts and situations we found ourselves in? When observing, we often get emotionally involved when we see another individual's actions but it is important to look past that judgmental human nature to be able to understand why someone reacts in that way.

Our first thought when an individual says something negative is to think negatively about them. But why did they do it? We are all different and we need to accept the feeling they felt in this situation. Does this make them a bad person or are they just having it tough?

Observing this lady who stopped us at a intersection, I couldn't help but get confused when she was going off about how people have left her when she most needed them. She would go on about how she knows how sh** they were and then went on to explain her situation. After offering our help which she refused, she had a despair and annoyed look on her face. As we were driving away, she moved on to the next car complaining about the exact same thing. To be honest, this confused me so much but I just sat there and watched as she would angrily move on to the next car behind us. She often ridiculed the idea of royalty explaining that you aren't important and people don't care unless you're a queen. This comparison to crowned heads outlined the influence the media has on our lives.

If you are in the media, for example a member of a royal family or a celebrity, people tend to rush and sometimes overreact and over-exaggerate situations yet when a lady needed help, no one was there to lend her a helping hand.

I was astonished by this comparison she made and it definitely made me think twice!
This lady who was just frustrated, pacing back and forth on the road and blocking numerous cars from exiting no longer looked crazy and scary. Instead I understood why she was so mad and in a way, she was just trying to make a point.

And I think we all got it that day!

Have you ever come across someone interesting or found yourself in a strange situation? Have you observed different people react to situations?

Lots of love, Karine xx

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