Thursday, 16 January 2014

Be confident!

Hello chickens!

Self confidence and self belief is a very delicate topic specially amongst young people. We often compare ourselves with others and believe we aren't as good as them.

But I found a song that is oh so perfect! It is by Victoria Justice and promotes self confidence and the fact that many people these days are too busy caring about what others think of them than actually do something that they love to do! It's a very catchy song and has a great message!

"Uh, lately everybody's so self-conscious,
People talk about each other so heartless,
But I don't want to hear those conversations,
I just want to feel the good vibrations"

To watch the music video of Victoria performing ''shake'' click the link below:
She really is an inspiration and I absolutely love her new song. I hope this song does inspire you to get out there and be a bit more confident with who you are.

Always remember, You're beautiful and I believe in you <3
Lots of love, Karine xx

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