Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Oral presentation due

Hello lovelies,

So my brother was telling me about this assignment he had to do which required him to do an oral presentation to his class about it and this reminded me of how I used to hate doing them in High School.

When I look back at all the times I had to make a presentation to the class, I literally cringe and I think to myself "wow, if only I had a choice on whether I felt comfortable enough to talk to the whole class".
There's just something about standing up in front of the whole class presenting the work that I have done that rings the panic alarm inside of me.

I never really understood the purpose of making a child stand in front of a class to present work then grade them based on how they present?

It just annoys me that it is required of us to stand in front of a whole bunch of people and get judged based on the way you present, the way you stand, how fast you speak and so on. It is bad enough that we have to share with everyone the work we have been doing but to then get judged on how you then present it?

Now don't get me wrong, yes there are classes such as Drama (or "theatre") or even music which requires you to showcase on stage, but what is the purpose of me standing up in front of my English or History class to present.

I know when I had to present, the nerves often got the better of me. As soon as the assignment was given, all I could think about was just how was I going to do this. I often thought that I would make a fool out of myself and it literally just ate up my confidence completely.
In some cases the teacher was so strict on having to present that they wouldn't let you present it separately.

Even after having done many many presentations, I still do not see the purpose of it. I am aware that some individuals have the confidence to be able to stand up and speak in front of a crowd of people but what about those who aren't? Shouldn't they get a choice?

I just find it really unfair how we get graded based on how well you speak.... is this really what education is for? To get a low score on the way you present is a slap across the face for many of us. What does that do to their confidence?

Well even though I am not in high school anymore, I still look back on my time and there are so many things that would've made high school life easier yet this is just how it works. You have to deal with such things in life.

So If you are ever feel uncomfortable having to present in front of a group of people, remember to have water before, take deep breaths and get it done as soon as you can because the more you wait, the more nervous you will be.

I hope that helped you guys in some way and hopefully some of you agree with me!
Please leave a comment down below letting me know your thoughts and opinions on the matter!
I would love to hear them!!
Remember to always be kind to everyone!

Lots of love, Karine xx


  1. i hated that too, but it really helped me when it came time for my professional job. you have to know how to address people on both a small and large scale. it helps when you present over the years.

  2. Ugh I really don't like giving presentations. Probably because I'm not good at them ;) I think that teachers make us too way too many of them, but at the same time, doing all of those oral presentations has really helped me improve my public speaking skills. So they're helpful, but they're sure annoying ;)

  3. Aww, I'm weird because I only feel nervous after my presentation :( Haha. Btw, I subscribed to your YouTube :) xoxo

  4. I love this post - I can completely relate to it! I have always really hated doing presentations. All through school I really didn't like it, but since being in university it has got even worse for some reason. Like you, as soon as the assignment is given I worry about how I am physically going to be able to do it. When presenting I feel really sick and am unable to eat on the day until it's over. One thing I did start doing was chewing a soft mint just before and keeping it at the side of my mouth throughout. It actually helped a lot to begin with. I also sprayed some 'rescue remedy' on my tongue which you can get from the chemist - although I used it so much, I am now immune to it haha :)

  5. I hated school and i can't say i was much of a talker so i really disliked it when we had to do presentations in front of the class.

    Even in my job these days i have to speak to people in group interviews and i get nervous.
    I think the best plan of action is just to plan out what your going to say so you don't struggle. Practicing your speech can make such a difference.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I always notice your comments so thought I'd take a peek at yours. Its great!

    Sammeh x

  6. For Vanity's Sake3 April 2014 at 03:51

    I've always hated public speaking but really exposure is key. The more you do it, the more you get comfortable.
    Awesome post! Keep it up.

  7. Diana @ The Cole Collection3 April 2014 at 08:52

    Hey! I know exactly what you mean. I also hated presentations in class and felt totally self conscious in every way whilst in speech mode. It also didn't help that I was the English girl amongst a classroom of Scottish kids..so my accent was funny to everyone. However, my young daughters pretty much give a speech every couple of weeks. At first they hated it but now it's no biggie! Great post doll! X d



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