Saturday, 5 April 2014

A quote to sum up my life

Hey lovelies,

So I bet you clicked on this post thinking that I would probably be some really inspiring one with many big sophisticated words and maybe even some life advice but


wrong blog my friends...

So anyone who knows me, will know that I am a pretty sarcastic person who should never be taken seriously unless told that I 100% am. Yep, that's all I got.

I was searching the web for a quote to sum up my life, at first it was a way for me to see whether I was a real weirdo or perhaps someone could relate to my craziness at times but I soon found out that, as much as I can relate to these quotes, there just wasn't one that spoke to me.

Yeah I said SPOKE because that's what quotes do to your soul. It speaks to it and sometimes even whispers.

I then thought back to my high school days and realised that my favourite quote of all time had to be one that I made up myself

"Stop trying to make spaghetti out of two minute noodles"

Now, you may be thinking, what in the world do you mean by that? Well... let me explain. So as we all know, two minute noodles is a very simple dish, it requires minimal effort and takes roughly 2 minutes to make. But spaghetti on the other hand, takes much longer and is more complicated.

To try to make spaghetti is taking a longer road and making things difficult. So therefore, trying to make spaghetti out of two minute noodles means that you would be trying to make something very simple and quick into something much more complicated and something that takes much longer.... (I literally just repeated myself)

What is the logic in that?

There may be one or maybe it makes no sense at all but that depends on how open minded you are to my theory....

I am NOT referring to the food if that's what you were thinking, I'm talking about a situation! Stop it! You get what I'm trying to say! Don't do this to me!

Anyways so yeah,
Do you have a favourite quote? What is it and why is it your favourite quote? Please share it with me!

Lots of love, Karine xx


  1. Great post dear !! actually i have a lot of quotes that i like :) I have just done a Libester award tag that you nominated me a long ago. Sorry it took so long dear :) so here are my answers xx

  2. Thank you! Going to go check it out :) xx

  3. wow you have a talent writting! i love it :)
    tell me how about follow each other? Let me know please i always follow back :))
    have a great day and sweeeeeeeet weekend :)
    xoxo from Spain

  4. Haha aw you're too kind!
    Yeah of course! I followed you on Bloglovin!
    Thank you for stopping by! :) xx

  5. My favourite quote is written on the top right column of my blog. Looking forward to know what you think about it ;-)
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  6. I love the spaghetti quote!
    It's fun but still very clever.
    Btw I just voted for you, good luck!

  7. Thank you so much lovely! :) xx

  8. I love quotes. There are so many I like. Dropping by from UBC

  9. You are funny. Sort of like "don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining" right? My favorite is "If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you". YUP direct and to the point. :-)

  10. I love your quotes!

  11. Yes I saw it when I read your latest post! It's a great quote! I can definitely relate to this! :) xx

  12. Love it! :) So clever.. Haha

  13. I have no idea what my favourite quote is, but your spaghetti one is really clever :)

  14. i think puff daddy said, "if you can't see the forest for the trees, then chop those motherfuckers down" LOL that's what i do! i make a path for where i want to go.


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