Saturday, 5 April 2014

Are you a hater?

Hey lovelies,

So I was scrolling down YouTube and well I came across this video that seemed to have been getting a lot of negative attention, so then I thought, why was that?

It is fair enough some people don't like the content of the video or maybe even the person who is in the video but I never understood what the point of sitting there and writing something negative is.
Like every other hate comment, it is rude and really hurtful.

Now don't get me wrong, you are allowed to have an opinion - don't jump at me please I am innocent - but the logical thing to do in this situation would be clicking that little red button on the top right corner with the letter "x" on it because believe it or not, that little button automatically closes the page so you don't have to watch this awful video that seems to have such big effect on you.

It's just horrible to read hate comments from people on someone else's channel! It doesn't even have to have anything to do with me for me to feel uncomfortable about it.

I don't and have never seen the point in wasting your own time to comment something negative in hope of making someone else feel bad. If any of you have done it before, please let me know why because I just don't seem to understand it.

Does it bring you joy?
Is it a hobby of yours?
Does it make you feel better about yourself?
Do you somehow think that sending harsh words to someone is acceptable?

Like I really just don't get it.
To me, "haters" are nothing but bullies. Yes cyber bullies - that's right, I said it -


So if you've ever thought of writing such comments, here's a few tips for you:

  1. Like I said before... click that "x" button, it's seriously the easiest thing to do EVER like seriously...
  2. Right before you even think of "oh yeah ooh let me just send them some hate" just stare at the wall and wonder why exactly are you even on this page? What brought you here? Reflection is good for your soul
  3. If it happens to be someone you are subscribed to or follow (or even on Facebook, that you are friends with) was it just that one thing that bothered you or was it their whole being in general? If it's just them then LET'S GET UN-FOLLOWING WOO
  4. Just leave them in peace for crying out loud AND GO FIND SOMETHING YOU DO LIKE UGH 

I am sure that all my readers have never done such things because they are all such lovely people and all have such big, kind hearts. Also I have never gotten hate mails or comments so I wanted to say a massive thank you to you all awesome people out there!

Yeah so basically this was a mini rant because I just can't deal with this anymore. It is 2014 People. Gay marriage is legal in so many countries! Flappy bird was invented! We don't only use the computer to go on paint and squiggle lines then colour them in! Times have changed, isn't it time your attitude did too?

Remember to be kind to one another guys!
Lots of love, Karine xx


  1. I completely understand and agree. I get passionate sometimes so I can't hand on heart say I've never been a hater, but I hope to God I never, ever have. It makes the recipient feel awful, sometimes violated, unloved, 'hated', and like you say, even other readers/viewers/bystanders uncomfortable and outraged. There is always a difference between giving your opinion and hating on someone. This post is so relevant for today's times. Rosemary x

  2. I agree with you. I'd hate to post a video and find that people posted hate comments on it :(
    And btw I love that last paragraph ;)

  3. Exactly! I'm always so scared to get them!
    Hahaha thanks :P

  4. Yeah same here! Exactly, I just feel so awful for those who receive the hate that I want to do something about it but it'll probably just make the situation worst :/ Thank you Rosemary :) xx

  5. hey karine! great post doll. another reader of mine, was talking about the same thing. she was saying that there seems to be so many more mean people in the world. i agreed with her. they seem to expend their energy on attacking people for some reason. i want to ask, have you ever been loved? LOL i've never spewed such hatred. i may not like something, but i don't do what these people are doing. people have hated me! i've contended with so much jealousy (on the job, blogging, friendship, relationships). but i still continue to encourage others. continue being you.

  6. I appreciate your post dear, I honestly don't see the point of insulting other people.
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  7. Some people can be so horrible on the internet! I think it's fine to give criticism but sometimes it gets very personal!

    Corinne x

  8. That's exactly right! I believe in giving helpful criticism but it is not okay to attack an individual or hate on them!! Thanks Corinne!


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