Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Ever heard the quote above?

To be honest with you, I never have until I searched "new hair quote" (I really like quotes okay!) and when I saw this quote I was so impressed because I could really relate to it!

As I sat at my desk like I do every single week with my blog on my mind and my cup of tea in my hand, I thought to myself that I needed a change! When I say change, I'm not talking like huge disruptions in my life like moving countries or adopting a pet llama but I just needed something small that could make me feel different from everyday. And that's when it hit me.... MY HAIR!!

At first I was just going to get the colour redone but then I was like nope... I want it gone! (well not completely gone but you get what I mean). I went two doors down and booked an appointment! I was nervous but also super excited at the same time!

Anyone who knows me would know just how impatient I am and getting foils can take from 2 hours to 5 hour depending on what you're doing! It was actually torture having to sit in this chair while my head was wrapped in foil but the end result is always so worth it! I actually feel bad for my hairdresser as she's had to put up with my constant whining and hearing "how long left" every 15 minutes.

Although sitting there for so long is probably one of the worst things I can ever imagine doing, it does have it's perks. Great chats with hairdressers and amazing coffee! Why do coffees at the hairdressers taste better than coffee you buy from some cafes? - it makes no sense to me!

Taking baby steps, I will eventually get my hair to what I want (yes I'm trying to go lighter) so that will take a few goes but for now i'm quite happy with what it looks like.I completely forgot to take before and after pictures so I tried to scroll through all my pictures on my phone to try find a few to compare.



I've had long hair my whole life so even having it just a tad shorter feels so different! My head is light and I have a lot less knots! It's so crazy! I was told that I should style it now that it's healthy enough to work with it and to be honest with you, I actually do want to! 

Since I'm hopeless at doing girl things, I've had to YouTube search and scroll through Pinterest to figure out how to style hair and do something other than straighten it and put it in a bun - It's a hard life really - 

I also got a few tips and tricks on the hotstylers website. If you haven't heard of hotstylers before, you definitely have to check it out! It's a new site which features amazing hair advice to help you get that salon finish at home! I don't know about you but I say yes to getting help on how to keep my hair always looking amazing! Check it out by clicking on HERE

And last but not least, just want to say a MASSIVE THANKYOU to Luxe Cutters in Point Cook for being legends and making my hair look amazing! They're actually a really cool crew with such a welcoming vibe! Also - HOW CAN A HAIR SALON MAKE COFFEE THAT TASTES SO AMAZING?? 

Lots of love, 

Karine xx

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