Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Valentine's Day

Hey lovelies,

It has been quite a  while since I've been active and in all honesty, it is due to a lack of motivation and pure laziness. Yep.

ANYWAY, I've recently learnt about paperless post and thought that I'd share my experience with you all.

Paperless post is an easy to use, electronic stationery platform based in New York City. As it is an online service, stationery including cards, flyers and save the dates can be made just about anywhere!

For Valentine's Day this year, I decided to customize a card for my partner as it would make it just that much more special and meaningful. I was able to create and edit my card then schedule it to be automatically sent at a certain date and time.

The thing I liked most about Paperless Post is that once I made the card and scheduled it, I did not have to worry about a thing! An email was sent to confirm that it has been scheduled and another when it was sent to the receiver. I was able to track it as it made its way to my partner and even see when they've opened the card!

It is such an affordable and environmentally friendly way to send cards or invitations to numerous people!

The price ranges for each card and the total price at the end depends on how much you've added and customized it... so really, you're in control!

It doesn't end there... you can actually send cards and flyers FOR FREE.
Yes... for free! Paperless Posts have a range of free cards and flyers that you can customize and send to up to 2,000 email addresses at no cost!

As you customize, select the free options and ensure that any Premium defaults are removed and VOILA, free card for you! And you! And you!

Anyway, I could ramble on and on about how great this is but I think you get it..

If you would like to give it a try, visit Thank me later ;)

Hope this has been helpful! If not... oh well.

Stay sassy and classy,

Lots of Love,
Karine xx

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