Thursday, 2 November 2017

I let my boyfriend post - Nagambie

So for this week's post, I thought it'd be fun to let my boyfriend write about the latest place we went to visit! I was pleasantly surprised when he actually was keen to get it done and he was pretty good at it! (at least i'll have someone to fill in when I'm feeling lazy.... JOKES)

Saturday morning everything was prepared, sausages, veggies, bread, hotel reservations and most importantly, beverages.  For those of you that do not know, Nagambie is a small town approximately 122kms from the Melbourne CBD. Well known for its watersports and of course the birthplace of the one and only queen of Australian horse racing... Black Caviar! 

After driving 90 mins, we approached the signs that read "Nagambie", and shortly after arriving into town, we were met by the local police. So after passing my first ever breath test we continued down the main road until we came to our place of stay, The Nagambie Motor Inn.

Simple yet a very inviting little inn. The owners and staff were extremely hospitable and friendly, even informing us upon arrival that we had been upgraded to a king room at no extra cost! The room was quite cozy, with a king size bed, TV, small kitchenette area and even a dining table for two. Would definitely recommend The Nagambie Motor Inn for anybody who is interested in exploring the area or if you just need somewhere to stay whilst passing through!

Once we had a little look around the town (a few very cool antique and second hand stores), we made our food, had some drinks and settled in for the night. The real adventure wouldn't start until the following morning!

Sunday has arrived! Check out 10am. Handing back the key to the room, we asked the owner if there was anywhere she would recommend for us to visit at this time of year. Out of all the places that were mentioned, one really jumped out at us... Mitchelton Winery! But first we had to find somewhere to have breakfast. After a quick google search, we found Phillips & co, which was almost hidden in amongst an IGA and bait and tackle store.

A hidden gem I thought! Which yes it did turn out to be that way. The food was to die for and the freshly squeezed juices were amazing!!

After breakfast, we headed to Mitchelton Winery. Fully equipped with red, white and sparkling wines, it also had a Chocolate factory and cafe! Knowing that chocolate and wine are two of Karine's favourite things in this world, I knew that this would have to be the place to visit before returning to Melbourne.

Ayyyy? How great was that post? Thanks Dylan!

Location: 4770 Mitchellstown Road, Nagambie

I had such a blast at Nagambie with Dylan and even though it was a very small town, there were some pretty cool things to see and do!

Have you ever been to Nagambie?

Lots of love, Karine xx

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