Saturday, 3 May 2014

Nail salon results at home!

Hey hey lovelies,

So a few days ago, I thought I would try the Broadway nails Real life brush-on gel nail kit.

Before I start this post and talk about this product, I just want to mention that I didn't get paid nor am I promoting the product in any way as I paid for it myself. Everything I say is based on my opinion and my experience using this product.

As I scanned past the various beauty items in Big W, I came across the nail section (which is by far my most favourite section in ANY stores) and saw this very box hanging all the way at the bottom.

I'll admit that the thing that grabbed my attention was the packaging. I loved the colour and the overall design of the box it came in. As I started reading all the big prints then onto the smaller ones, I started to really like the sound of the product!
It sounded like a very easy way to create salon nails at home!
For me this was a hug YES! Because I love designing my nails without having to spend hundreds of dollars on them.

After examining the box and its content, I decided to buy the product so that I may test it out for myself.
I bought it from Big W for around $24 which I thought was a really good price for them

I was so excited to try out this product that, once I got home, I got it all ready and set out.

The kit contains:

- Brush-on gel 7.5ml
- Brush-On Gel Activator 7.4ml
- Brush cleaner 9.7ml

- 48 self Tab Nail Tips (24 French & 24 Natural), 
- Mini File, 
- Manicure stick

 I made sure to follow the steps carefully as it was the first time I had never done it before.
I first carefully chose each tip by placing them on each of my nails and laying them out in front of me.
Since I have really small fingers, I picked all the small ones from the pack, leaving all the big ones...

 After a few minutes of placing and gluing the tips on my nails, I then followed the rest of the steps by applying the Brush-On Gel and the Brush-On Activator making sure to dip in into the brush cleaner after each nail.

I was quite pleased with the results. My nails looked so professionally done when really it took me about half an hour to get them to look like that! Awesome, isn't it?

There was only ONE thing I didn't like about it and that was how long it took the Gel to dry. It took me a really long time and got things (plastic bags) stuck on it while trying to move a few things.
I eventually went to sleep and woke up with a print on one of my nails so that wasn't fun. Yes I'm really that Impatient :p

If you want to get salon nails at half the price then I definitely would recommend this product!

Have you or someone you know tried this product before? Did they like it? Or have you just seen it in a store? Let me know! :)
Anyway that's all from me this time chickens!

Lots of Love, Karine xxx


  1. Wow, they look salon perfect! Are they reusable? I'm guessing not. You did such a good job. I know these kits and bits are meant to be super duper easy for doing at home, but often that isn't the case, so a pat on the back well deserved. Rosemary x

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  3. Wow! This is cool Karine! :)

  4. Yeah! I was so surprised of the outcome! However, they aren't so great as getting them done as they don't last as long :/

  5. Well I mean, you can reuse them if you want but not sure if I want to. They do fall off quicker than I thought.. they don't last very long which is very disappointing!
    But thanks haha! <3

  6. They look amazing! To me the biggest pro wouldn't even be the price (even though I do love saving money) but the fact that the professionally done nails make your real nails look TERRIBLE when you take them off. I'm always embarrassed about my nails for at least a month after removing the professional ones. These ones there isn't any buffing, so your nails would still look just fine!

  7. it looks really cool :) xx


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