Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Liebster Blog Award!

Hey Lovelies!!

So as you can see, I was nominated by Petja for the Liebster awards! Thank you for the nomination, it means a lot! You guys can and should go check out her blog right HERE.

To all you who don't know what the Liebster Blog Award is, it is a blogger award passed on from other bloggers to give new blogs recognition and help each other out in the blogging world. Haha this is so not the proper definition but it sounded so cool and confusing that I'm going to leave it at that.

So about a year ago, when I first started my blog, I was nominated for the same award and thought that this time around, I would spice it up a bit mainly because my blog clashes with one of the rules!

So with this award comes a set of specific rules that must be followed... because... who doesn't love rules, right? It's only fair that we follow them!

These rules are:

  1. You must link back to the person who nominated you!
  2. You must answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you
  3. you must post 11 random facts about yourself
  4. You have to pick 11 nominees with under 200 followers to answer your questions
  5. You cannot nominate the person who nominated you
  6. You must tell the nominees that they have been nominated by you.
Now, first things first, you may be wondering "Karine what rule does your blog clash with? What?" Well... this morning as I first opened blogger I had realised that I reached 200 followers on Bloglovin!


So let's get crackin!

The set of questions sent from Petja was:

  1. Who would you marry if you could marry anyone in the world?

    I am a massive fan-girl so I have a whole list of guys I would marry if I could.... wow okay that is so not what I meant. I'm just going to say Joe Sugg or Connor Franta... I CAN'T CHOOSE!
  2. Who are your style icons and why?

    My style Icon would probably have to be Cher Lloyd because I love what she wears. I love how she does her own thing and dresses differently! I love it! If I had the money and the body, I would do the same :p
  3. What is your favourite thing to do?

    My favourite thing to do would have to be drinking tea, watching or making videos for YouTube and spending time on my blog.
  4. What is your dream come true?

    Um... this is a tough one because I'm not so sure anything has happened that is my dream come true just yet!
  5. What is the first thing you come up with when someone says the word: blog?

    This is weird but I think of the TV show "Dog with a blog". Is it because it rhymes? Is it because it is a Disney channel show? Is it because it is about a blogging dog? I don't know! :p
  6. Who inspires you?

    A lot of people inspire me so I do not have just one biggest inspiration. But it's often someone who has taught me a valuable lesson from their own experience who inspires me. Sometimes even people on the street who I have never met are the ones to inspire me.
  7. What is your favourite movie?

    My favourite movie has remained the same for over 5 years now. It is the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL movies! When I was younger, they were just my favourite things and they still are.
  8. Where would you like to live/ dream city?

    I would love to live in Queensland and guess what.... I'M MOVING there soon!! This is exciting! But also I would love to live all around the world. Move from one country to the next and explore the world. That'd be awesome!
  9. Who are you most thankful to?

    I am most thankful to my parents,God and my family! They all have supported through the toughest moments of my life and have been there for me. I can't ever thank them enough.
  10. Do you like animals?

    I'M A HUGE ANIMAL LOVER!! I just love them all! They iduhljsdgkuygasdkugyasludgLASHLJashlkj I cant even deal!
  11. What is your favourite piece of wardrobe?

    I love a pair of ripped jeans and at the moment, I really like cropped tops :p

11 facts about me!!

  1. I speak french
  2. I have been blogging for about a year now
  3. I have a YouTube channel- check it out HERE
  4. I am addicted to tea, chocolate, froyo and mash potato
  5. I love animals.
  6. I love writing but hate reading
  7. I love meeting people on the internet but not so much around my area.
  8. I get annoyed really easily
  9. I am a soon to be 19 year old who still watches Disney Channel 
  10. I love people who act silly and love to have a laugh
  11. I was born in Mauritius and moved to Australia when I was 11

My 11 nominees are *Drum roll please*

  1. Cassandra
  2. Carys
  3. Emily
  4. Ilda
  5. Kayla
  6. Dai
  7. Lauren
  8. Rosemary
  9. Katy
  10. Ambi
  11. Sabrina

My 11 questions to you lot are:

  1. What inspired you to start blogging?
  2. What is one thing you learnt from your blogging experience?
  3. Who do you look up to?
  4. Celebrity crush?
  5. Where do you see your blog in 5 years time?
  6. If you had to delete your blog for $100, would you do it?
  7. What do you want to achieve with your blog?
  8. Describe yourself in 3 words.
  9. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go first?
  10. Phone or laptop?
  11. What is the most important thing in life to you?
So there you go guys, this was my liebster award post! I hope you liked it! And I apologize if I didn't pick YOU (the one reading this). If I get nominated again, I definitely will consider you and will tag other people! 

Thank you so much for all your support! I want to thank everyone who follows, takes their time out of their busy days to read and comment! It really means a lot! I do check out all blogs who leave me a comment and I will leave you a nice one back!

Lots of Love, Karine xx


  1. Girl don't even worry about it! I get annoyed easily! I still watch Disney! And I love writing and sometimes hate reading! That's awesome I always wanted to pursue French!! :)
    Congrats on the award :D

  2. i love reading liebster awards its such a nice way to learn some more about the blogger! id love it if youd check out my blog and comment back xx

  3. Thank you! You're welcome! Can't wait to read your post! :)

  4. Aw that's so true! Thank you! And of course! :)

  5. Thanks for the nomination! Done and dusted! :)

  6. Hey, I never know how to reply to my comments. A part of me wants to reply back on my page, but then the poster might not see it back and I like to visit back peoples' links. So most of the time I like to visit back and leave a comment on a random post. So thatsa what I'm doin'. Anywayssss that is so cool you speak Mauritian Creole! I have never heard of it before, so it's gotta be a cool one. You are so lucky to have lived there. Well I speak a little Korean cos that's where I'm from, English (obv) and I am doing a degree in French and Spanish so I could (potentially) converse with you in French. haha are you fluent? Je savais que nous aurions quelque chose en commun! if that is anywhere near right.

  7. Thank you so much for the nomination! I'll plan on posting about it tomorrow. :D You asked some great questions. So great that you are moving to your dream city!!! I really enjoyed reading all your answers! :)

  8. For Vanity's Sake20 March 2014 at 15:06

    Congrats! :D I took French in high school and competed to do a french poem haha. I loved it. I'm learning Spanish right now but would love to learn French someday too

  9. You're welcome! I can't wait to read your answers! :) xx

  10. Oh that's awesome! I was born speaking french but over the years, I've slowly started to lose it, not completely though :p I wish I could learn some other language too! :) xx

  11. For Vanity's Sake22 March 2014 at 02:46

    I know! It's just kinda hard to find time for. I speak 2 right now, but my goal is to learn Spanish and french :)

  12. Oh nice! That's awesome! Spanish sounds like a really cool language! :) xx


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